Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data offsite is important. Restoring your servers and applications when disaster strikes? Equally important.

Our Disaster Recovery solution helps you keep critical systems online during a disaster with push-button cloud failover.

One of Exodus Services core tenets is the idea that customers should have the flexibility to pick the right platform for each of their workloads whether they reside in the cloud, colocation or on-premises data centers. This is the essence of hybrid IT. Disaster recovery (DR) services are a foundational component of hybrid IT because of the importance of protecting data and keeping applications available to users.

Data Replication
With dedicated fiber between our data centers, we can provide high-availability solutions for your applications and storage. Replicate your applications without investing in infrastructure.

Offsite or Onsite
Keep a 3rd data copy to ensure recovery from any disaster and to manage long term retention of server backups to ensure the environment can always be recovered as a final failsafe.

DR Planning
Discover how Exodus Services services offer IT Infrastructure and office space to create a custom solution to meet your Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective.

Expert Help for Any Crisis
24x7x365 expert management and support. We have support teams ready to work with you on all aspects of business continuity infrastructure planning, implementation, testing, updating, and staff training.

IT downtime costs North American businesses $700 billion annually, mostly due to loss employee productivity.

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