Cloud Solutions

Complete cloud services: the right application, the right cloud, the right time.

Whatever you need the cloud to do, Exodus Services is the MSP to make it happen.

Cloud solutions have come a long way since consumers first became aware of the topic more than ten years ago. Cloud technology allows you to store data and utilize computing power on servers located somewhere outside your company. Despite accessing cloud servers via the internet, the final product is delivered to you almost as swiftly and securely as it would be if you were connecting to a local area network server.
With this technology, your business can avoid hefty hardware purchases in favor of monthly subscriptions to lightning fast storage and cloud-based software that shoulders your business’s weightiest IT burdens. Cloud providers allow you to pay for exactly the capacity you need and Exodus Services takes responsibility for managing and securing your solution.

Cloud Computing
Our server colocation and application hosting solutions are a cheaper, more efficient way to increase your computing power.

With cloud-based phone numbers and call menus, employees can answer calls and interact with customers from any device, in any location.

Data Backup and Recovery
By backing up data to the cloud, SMBs gain the ability to more quickly bounce back from natural disasters, vandalism, and theft.

Business Continuity
Keeping your business running through thick and thin is about way more than just backup solutions. Planning for the worst is the only way to become the best!

Migrating to the cloud means more office space, predictable budgeting and IT uptime. What else could you possibly ask for?

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